• Mouhajer is a leading luxury interior design brand, based in the Middle East.

    The brand has recently embarked on creating a brand new website to better showcase its contemporary and visionary designs.

    In order to get their culturally classy service in front of the people who are actively searching for it online, the challenge here was to make sure that the content on every single page on their site was SEO-focused – in preparation for the new launch. It was also key that this SEO content was conveyed in a tone of voice that encapsulated the brand itself.

    So, the goal? To ensure entire web content not only ranks but draws clients in and provides a clear tone that complements the brand.

  • We got cracking straight away on their tone of voice. We grasped the true essence of who Mouhajer is – the way they sound – and their personality.

    With a strong tone of voice established, we were able to pinpoint the perfect keywords to use – based on search volume and the emotional intent of those searches. This combination provided the necessary blueprints for a website that would exude the unique selling points of Mouhajer while getting their service in front of motivated clients – actively looking for what they offer.

    Finally, it was a matter of elevating all web pages to not only exemplify an air of elegance to entice clients through finely crafted words, but add that final flourish and bring their brand to life too. 

  • A highly successful and strategic launch of the new and improved Mouhajer website. Plus, a more focused stream of potential clients, due to the combination of keywords and inspiring tone of voice. 

    With Mouhajer’s passion for interior designs clear, and an exclusive feel to their content, new leads are continually being drawn to this dynamic newly launched site. 

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