Synchro Capital

  • Synchro Capital is a luxury property investor based in Greece. They help people rent and buy resort properties in the UK and Europe. They wanted a presentation to share with their Chinese investors so that they had an all-in-one document to present during their visits and over Zoom.

  • They already had an outline of what they wanted to talk about in the presentation. So, we took what they had and elevated the content, as well as making sure that each slide was slick and informative. The presentation had multiple functions. It was to be used as a presentation in addition to a printout to hand to potential investors. We needed to make sure that the presentation was readable and scannable on a screen during a meeting, as well as in print.

  • The client was delighted with the outcome and loved the simplistic design with stunning visuals that we added to showcase the beauty of the locations. We also created a Chinese version of the presentation in addition to many other variations of it to suit who they were presenting to.

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