Church House

  • Church House is a Grade II listed venue in the heart of Westminster. 

    Its multi-purpose nature means that it can host almost 1,000 events per year – all of which are unique and completely bespoke.  

    Despite a strong lineage and multiple accolades surrounding this popular venue, the challenge was to establish that a building of this quality has also been the place of many awards ceremonies, parties, fashion shoots, hybrid events, exhibitions, and conferences. 

    In such a large city, being seen as something of a ‘hidden gem’ comes as a blessing and a curse. While there are exclusivity and branding benefits, reaching a wider range of clientele can be difficult if they aren’t aware of the options at their disposal, in such a prestigious venue. 

    In short, this venue needed to establish more awareness of its modern benefits, and not just its rich and proud past. 

  • In order to achieve this goal, it was vital to craft content that had a foundation of the past legacies but to also utilise the amazing amenities and innovations within the venue.

    To build upon the reputation of a Grade II venue that’s rife with history and prestige, we leveraged some of its key selling points by crafting pieces establishing the venue’s past – when Church House previously hosted important moments in history involving members of the Royal Family and parliamentary figures. 

    We built upon this by creating content with broader topics, while still highlighting all the modern amenities that Church House has to offer. Topics like:

    • what to look for in a perfect venue
    • ideas to make training days fun
    • mental health in the workplace  

    Finally, content relating to the most popular events and exhibitions allowed these two factors to become united under an innovative consumer base – all while cementing Church House as the answer to all of these needs. 

  • Engaging and educating content that:

    • promote greater brand awareness and a broader reach for b2b event planners looking for that unique combination of modern amenities – with a historic legacy behind it
    • channel the reader towards the venue
    • establish a stronger appreciation of the types of events that this beautiful building can host. 
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