Bringing the human touch back to marketing

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We’re a small (but mighty) team of writers who were fed up with the mechanical, creativity-stifling nature of agency life. So, we put our heads together and created a writer’s playground where we get to feel good and focus on what we do best: delivering dream-big client content that’s rooted in strong research.

Happy writers = happy clients

Writefully is a place where writers can have their heads in the clouds and their hearts on their sleeves. We’re unapologetic about romanticising the possibilities of the written word, and delivering versatile content of the very best quality.

Well, not only does our knowledge span multiple industries, but so do our creative abilities. We’re not just writers, but a collective of poets, artists, crafters and photographers – and our content reflects this creativity and love for learning.

Perhaps more importantly, is the way we work. We provide the flexibility of freelance, the in-depth knowledge of an in-house team and the efficiency of an agency – something of a content marketing triple threat if you ask us.

Freelance In-house Agency writefully
Flexibility  Ability to scale down, but difficulty scaling up No flexibility Long-term contracts limit flexibility Fully flexible packages
Talent Hard to find Hard to find Pool of high quality resources We are a team of experts in their field
Collaborative work Not possible Can brainstorm Can bounce off each other We bounce off and constantly learn from each other
Quality guarantee No No No Yes
Experience Tends to lack marketing knowledge Tends to lack specific marketing knowledge Depends on agency specialty We are specialists in all things content marketing and SEO
Neil is our founder and CEO. When he’s not pursuing his next venture or thinking up ways to delight our customers, you’ll find him running around his two kids!
Head of Copy
When Rachael’s not sprinkling her words of wisdom around the team, she’s swimming in the sea, soaking up all those endorphins. Complete with a vintage headscarf, of course.
Project Manager
Sveta is a copywriter turned SEO expert. When she’s not trying to make friends with Google, she’s spending her free time salsa dancing or spending time outdoors.
This is Dean. When he’s not wondering what kind of blogs his favourite literary characters would have, you’ll find him staring out of the nearest window.
Meet Henna, part-copywriter, part-wellness guide. When she’s not keeping us all centred or running a workshop, you’ll find her scribbling down her latest idea, poem or doodle.
Meet Harry, our resident walking dictionary. When he’s not mastering the art of blogging, he’s ticking off his list of classic films everyone has to watch at least once.
Senior Copywriter
Julie is a writer who sprinkles SEO magic into her content. When she’s not finding typos, she’s enjoying the great outdoors, watching sports or devouring a good book.
Client Success Manager
Meet Crystal, our Client Success Manager. When she’s not speaking to clients, ticking off her to do lists or drinking tea, you’ll find her out walking her two little dogs Nelly & Teddy.
Social Media Exec
Meet Gaby, our social media executive. When she’s not thinking about new content ideas, you can find her enjoying the waves at the nearest beach.