DKK Partners

  • DKK Partners are international providers of FX liquidity in frontier markets. Set up by Dominic Duru and Khalid Talukder, DKK Partners is the product of two businessmen with the same idea: to bring Tier 1 banking services to global emerging markets like  Sub-Saharan Africa, AKA regions where – in their own words – they so often saw clients have the wool pulled over their eyes. Dominic and Khalid wanted to change this by bringing their combined 15 years of FX experience to frontier markets that need their doors pushed open a little further. 

    Writefully’s challenge here was simple: to get the meaning of their business across. In other words, to capture their audience’s attention by showcasing Domonic and Khalid’s winning FX expertise and solutions.

    We set out to do so by rejigging their website content in an attempt to better communicate their message and ultimately boost their Google rankings.

  • It all started with our expert copywriter working directly with Dominic and Khalid in order to get to know their business inside out. They needed to know exactly what DKK Partners are about, why the company was set up, and what kind of valuable solutions they offer to their clients. 

    Both were super open about the significance of having family heritages in emerging markets, which is what drove them to create DKK Partners in the first place…BINGO! We knew this was the key to showcasing DKK Partners as a more human brand. 

    After delving deep into the company’s background, their writer got to work on crafting both the home page and about page. New, punchier copy evolved – summarising and simplifying the work they do. 

    Working with a UX designer we were also able to provide handy tips on how to make the layout a little more eye-catching and user-friendly.

  • DKK Partners have loved the work we’ve done for them so far. The home page looks and feels fresher, and it reads more fluently too – offering up a more digestible take on the company’s somewhat complex field of international FX trading. We’ve even learnt a thing or two.

    The SEO blogs have also proven successful – getting their voice highlighted by Google as a trusty source of FX knowledge and know-how.  

    We look forward to continuing work with them in future. Watch this space for more top-ranking stuff.

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