Nutra Remedies

  • The health and wellness world continues to soar high, so it was writefully’s job to get Nutra Remedies peaking high on Google’s rankings, as it deserves. 

    Our expertise specifically focused on their impressive range of sea moss products – showcased on their site. 

    Heck, we’ve even bought a few ourselves, and can officially vouch for them. They work!

  • With an already engaged audience for well-being lifestyle products, our approach for Nutra Remedies was simple: to boost the organic traffic to their site – making it the go-to place for America’s best sea moss capsules and gummies. Once more and more people started to visit the site, sea moss’s revolutionary benefits would sell themselves. 

    In order to boost SEO rankings, we split the approach up into two main components: optimised web copy and stellar content. Our writers set their sights on multiple high-quality blogs – showcasing the products and covering all sorts of topical information on sea moss talking points, including ‘The Truth: What Does Sea Moss Taste Like?’ and ‘What is Sea Moss?: A Beginner’s Guide’.

    We optimised copy across the entire site, everything from minor pieces of content like product descriptions to whole sections on their main pages. It was all about making the site as well-written and Google-friendly as possible. 

  • The EnjoySeaMoss site has seen huge successes since we worked our writefully wizardry on it. The numbers say it all…

    • 9,740 organic visits in just three months
    • 1,271% increase in new organic users to the site (3,429 vs 250)
    • 856% increase in organic traffic to the site overall
    • the top blog post had 1,749 organic visits in a month

    It’s safe to say Nutra Remedies are super pleased with this massive growth in site visits. 

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