Joop van Kammen

  • With a distinguished career in sales and client relations, Joop needed his extensive experience and achievements to be effectively communicated to potential clients and employers. 

    Our challenge was to enhance Joop’s professional presence. 

  • We aimed to effectively communicate his remarkable track record and strategic insights, so that his professional narrative was both authentic and influential.

    Our strategy included:

    tone of voice and brand messaging

    Crafting a set of principles so Joop has consistency and clarity in his writing – and how he communicates to his audience – in an energetic and positively-opinionated way. 

    ATS-compliant CV

    Highlighting Joop’s impressive career milestones, and ensuring it was optimised for applicant tracking systems. 

    LinkedIn profile enhancement

    Reflecting on Joop’s strategic insights and unique leadership style, we focused on his significant contributions to the telecommunications and broadcasting sectors, and produced a profile that resonated with his audience. 

    content creation

    Developing LinkedIn content to position Joop as a thought leader in sales and client relations. 

    • identifying relevant topics, such as building client trust and effective negotiation strategies
    • writing engaging and informative posts that sounded just like Joop’s no-nonsense attitude
    • creating a stand-out banner design and headline
  • We exceeded Joop’s expectations of enhancing his personal brand. 

    Showcasing Joop as a reliable and dynamic leader – highlighting his extensive experience and readiness to drive profitability and growth – was a real pleasure.

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