• Spanning over six decades and three generations of one dedicated family, Dubai Contracting Company (DCC) has been a loved and trusted construction company in Dubai since 1962. 

    With the highest standard in the market, DCC leads and executes the entire turnkey solution chain, and were also looking to establish the business as an industry leader online.

    In order to accomplish this effectively, and dominate the search engine rankings for their respective niche, the brand wanted to launch a new website. The goal of this new site was to solidify DCC’s position as a trusted brand and raise more awareness for its other projects as the company continues to grow into a more unique, full-service design firm. 

    But, is there a way to elevate that trusted brand and these new services on offer in a tone of voice that communicates the company’s biggest strength and passion: family? 

  • We firmly believe that the better you know a brand, the better you can tell its story. 

    For DCC, family means absolutely everything. Within this, we saw a fantastic opportunity. After all, who doesn’t love to hear about a modest family business that grew into an industry leader in construction and design ingenuity? 

    Part of shaping a brand’s narrative is finding those seeds of emotional impact that can be carefully crafted into far-reaching and persuasive content. 

    With the benefit of a family-run brand, three generations of experts to win over consumers, and the expansive goals/skillsets of this business, the website needed to not only articulate these human factors, but establish the company as a trusted innovator within their niche.

    The ‘concept to completion’ of DCC’s brand allowed readers to not only have an emotional connection to a family business, but understand they’re in the safest possible hands. Content that reassures, inspires, and offers convenience resonates with readers, and in turn, tells them that once they choose DCC, everything else will be taken care of. 

  • DCC now has a solid tone of voice to drive credibility and consistency.

    Their website also has an engaging home and about page that combines all of the unique elements, mentioned above – and communicates them through impactful content. 

    The scope of its offerings (including updated case studies) and the experience of this family-run business answers the three important questions: 

    1. Why should people choose DCC?
    2. Why should people trust DCC? 
    3. What makes DCC a leader within its niche? 
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