The 4 golden rules for creating clickable content 

16 Sep 2022
Dean Meadowcroft

The 4 golden rules for creating clickable content 

Do you have a business that you’re just dying to tell the world about? Or perhaps there’s a common industry problem that your company has mastered? Or maybe you’re just looking to compete against other businesses within your respective fields. 

Either way, your approach to how you present your content is one of the first things a casual internet scroller is going to notice about you. So, how are you going to not only capture their attention, but also guide them from that very first sentence to the checkout page on your website?

It’s all a matter of making sure everything clicks…

How do you create the kind of clickable content that’s conversion-friendly, customer-focused and informative about your products and services? 

Stick to our four golden rules and you’ll soon turn casual readers into regular clickers. 

Golden rule one: hone your headlines

A good headline should take just as long to create as the actual content you’re making. It has to serve many purposes. First, it needs to be clear enough to tell the reader what to expect. But it also can’t give the game away. Not enough information – no clicks. Too much information – why read it at all? 

It’s a tightrope, but one that you’ll need to learn to walk while juggling many other factors. Without that all-important attention-grabbing title, your magnum opus will find itself unclicked and destined for the magnum hopeless pile. 

Golden rule two: ask questions

Asking the right questions is an essential part of developing clickable content and cultivating a good relationship with your readers. Ask questions that you already know the answers to, then build your unique products and services around them:

Are you sick of paying extra for overnight shipping? 

Do you need to get your products in front of people actively searching for them? 

These questions give the reader a feel of back and forth – like a good conversation. If they continue reading (and why wouldn’t they?!) they’ll feel like they’ve chosen to carry on and that the choice to buy or check out your business was their decision all along. 

It’s a powerful way to inspire new customers to take action, when done right. 

Golden rule three: solve a problem in your content

There’s no point in making a piece of content that acknowledges a common problem without some form of solution. What’s the solution? You are! 

Too many companies make content that shares the same frustrations, over and over again. But why are you different from other companies? What’s the problem you’re solving in your content? Get that right, and you’re golden.

Golden rule four: make it unique 

It’s always the same blogs and the same subjects. After a while, businesses that do this cease to stand out. That’s when you know you’re in danger of getting lost in the shuffle.

10 of the best protein shakes is a common piece of content, but what about 11 of the best protein shakes you’ve never heard of

That small change will make a big difference in those clicks. 

Clickable content creates curious customers 

We hope you’ve enjoyed these four golden rules for creating clickable content. Don’t forget to check out the writefully knowledge hub for more tips, insights and content hacks.