big writefully news: saystory has launched

29 Jan 2024

start nurturing your inner thought leader…right now

2024 is thriving here at writefully – and saystory really is blossoming. So, do you want to grow your thought leadership prowess? Need a sure-fire way of creating remarkable content? 

If yes, then saystory is quite literally your flower power. 

What is saystory?

It’s our revolutionary voice-to-AI solution – designed to make thought leadership content creation effortless. And we haven’t just got AI to produce content…we’ve taught our AI a storytelling strategy. It’s blooming brilliant. 

How does saystory work?

You say your thoughts, the platform tells your story. 💭💬

Using tone of voice analysis, saystory generates relevant questions, crafts narratives, and builds all of the petals to your personal brand.

There’s even the option of human editing (thanks to our talented team of real-life writers). They’ll add the sweet spot to your generated story by infusing natural quirks and guiding the narrative with organic ebbs and flows. 

And not to forget…all saystory content includes plagiarism and authenticity checks.

leaders’ lives are already changing with saystory…

The response to saystory has been pretty perfect:

“I’ve been using saystory for the last six weeks – and it has totally changed my life. As a coach, one of the things we’re terrible at is writing our own story and knowing how to share it with the world, but saystory has completely changed that. It’s super easy to use and my message output is so much more powerful thanks to the platform.”

Philippe Mathijs, Executive Coach and Global Business Leader


What content can saystory create? 

Saystory is so versatile. You can use it to create all sorts of content types including blog posts, social copy, video scripts, speeches, success stories, and more.

Who is saystory for?

We mostly reckon marketing managers and thought leaders of the business world – wanting to save time and resources. But, also anyone looking to watch their brand grow.  

How much does saystory cost?

Or we offer premium packages that come with a whole range of perks. They vary from $37 per month to $355.20 per year. 

saystory is now live

You can explore the platform yourself right now:  – even book a quick 15-minute demo with our founder, Neil Sheth.

We cannot wait to see your thought leadership flourish.