The ultimate guide to video content marketing 

23 Nov 2022

If your business considers content marketing one of its top priorities (and if it doesn’t,  it should), then you’re already aware of the impact an engaging piece of marketing can have. 

The surge in popularity of video content marketing has created an incredible opportunity for businesses to take advantage of. After all, everyone loves a good story. It’s hard-wired into our brains. When done well, good marketing content can reassure and guide – while also making jaws drop and wallets fly open. 

But how do we ensure that we’re not only grabbing attention but also immersing our clients into the heart of our brand? 

As we’ve all experienced while reading a book or watching a film, there are many different ways to tell one story. And as anyone who has had to smile politely through a poorly told anecdote will tell you, some methods of storytelling are more engaging than others. 

So, how do we find the best ways of grabbing a customer’s attention? How do we then nourish that interest, and develop it into customer loyalty? 

Lights, camera, traction

It’s not just about using video marketing for your newest content pieces. Content marketing videos can upgrade your old content and give it a brand new sheen across your marketing channels.  

That blog you spent hours lovingly pouring your heart into last year, the one that didn’t get the engagement you’d hoped? Get it off that page and present it as a video, and see the results for yourself! 

A close-up on video content: the facts 

  • People retain 95% of video content marketing
  • 87% of online marketing businesses now use video marketing 
  • 96% of people have watched an explainer video to better understand a product or service

It doesn’t matter what industry you’re competing in. Your future customers are waiting with bated breath for your video content. 

Are you looking into making a marketing video but don’t know where to start? Fear not, because, with this ultimate guide to content marketing videos, we’ve done the difficult part for you! 

What is video content marketing? 

Video content marketing is any kind of content that’s created in video form to attract, educate, or convert new and existing customers. 

Content marketing videos are adaptable to all marketing channels. They can be chopped up into smaller engaging pieces, or longer immersive ones. There’s no wrong way to present a marketing video, as long as it serves your customer and offers something engaging. 

Why do I need video content marketing? 

When you think of the world’s second-most-popular search engine on the planet, what comes to mind? Perhaps Bing, or Yahoo? The answer may surprise you.

YouTube is actually the silver medal winner. Behind Google, YouTube is the most popular search engine in the world, with a staggering three billion searches per month. That’s more than all of the other search engines below it, combined

And if those numbers don’t have you rushing off to your nearest mobile device, here are five more reasons why content marketing videos are redefining engagement and customer satisfaction. 

  • Content marketing videos tell a story

You could type some of the most beautiful content to ever grace a webpage, and a well made one minute video will still be more engaging. 

Why? Because a content marketing video can show and tell. Written content leaves elements like tone, emotion, and intention in the reader’s hands. 

  • Video marketing is immersive

By appealing to more human senses and emotions than words on a page can, video marketing benefits you by connecting brand and consumer with ease. 

Putting a face on your brand creates comfort for your customers. That comfort breeds familiarity, and over time, loyalty. 

  • Reach a larger audience with the personal touch 

Try searching for a random subject online. Any subject will do. Let’s see how long it takes for a content marketing video to show up. Didn’t take long, did it?

With a combination of user convenience and customer intimacy,  you’re able to reach people and develop a relationship in mere minutes.  It’s not just about the customer connections, either. Through social networks, social media video marketing has provided the fuel for brands to accelerate their video content across the eyes of a global audience. 

  • Repeat views and shareability

If a potential customer reads a blog post about a product but doesn’t act on their interest, they’re unlikely to return for a second read. However, through video marketing content, that second visit is far more likely. 

If you’ve fulfilled a need through engaging video content, users are also more likely to share your content with their own followers. With good video marketing, you’re encouraging customers to do the marketing of a new product or service for you.

  • Google loves video content marketing 

That’s right. Google absolutely adores content marketing videos. Due to the nature of video content, customers spend much longer on your website. The more traffic to your website, and the longer it stays there, the happier Google becomes. 

The happier Google is, the higher you climb the search engine rankings. And as video content marketing has a higher engagement rate than written content, you’re making it easier for new customers to find you and click on your video.

Types of video content marketing 

It’s easy to forget the human element in marketing, especially with so many technological advancements at our disposal. One of the most challenging (but wonderful) things about humans is our broad range of emotions, experiences, and needs. 

Finding a way to captivate, reassure, and guide customers based on the above differences is no easy thing. And of course, over the years, this has been the ultimate goal of businesses. 

It’s no surprise then that video marketing is so popular. The beauty of video content is that there’s something for everyone. All needs can be catered to, and therefore, the spectrum of human emotions (and buyer intent) can be guided and shaped into satisfied customers. 

Let’s delve deeper into these different types of video marketing, and how they serve these needs.  

Educational content 

Educational video content is a guaranteed win. How is it guaranteed? Well, if you’ve done your research and you can see large numbers of searches for an industry-wide issue, there’s quantifiable proof of a need in the consumer. 

How do we fill that need? Through an engaging how-to guide. Whether it’s a product tutorial or a walk-through of a common problem in your industry, you’re solving a problem for the people actively searching for answers online. 


  • reassures nervous or frustrated buyers
  • establishes your business as a knowledgeable brand 
  • encourages shareability and repeat views
  • develops trust between you and the customer

Video marketing tips for educational content 

A friendly tone in your voice will go a long way. Remember, we’re educating and helping customers, not talking down to them. Be polite, to the point, and summarise your key points at the end of the video for ultimate reassurance. 

Video testimonials

Much like traditional content marketing, the purpose of video testimonials is to establish a common problem, then explain why your product or service is the solution to these problems. 

By using real customers (we recommend using real clients for this, although many businesses hire actors), you’re solidifying your reputation to your viewers. 


  • legitimises your brand in the eyes of customers 
  • reassures tentative clients 
  • encourages shareability and repeat views 
  • allows marketing through content that doesn’t feel like a sales pitch 

Video marketing tips for testimonials 

Let the conversation flow naturally. Nothing feels more forced than an overly rigid testimonial video. It’s okay to have humans on screen. No one expects Daniel Day-Lewis to show up in your content video. Prepare your notes and ask the right questions, but let the speaker fill in the rest. 

Explainer video content

Whether it’s a problem, a product, or a process, explainer videos are there to help simplify potentially complex issues. 

Explainers tend to be animated, short, and to the point. If you’re in the technology industry, explainer content may work better for you than standard educational videos. 


  • digital ‘elevator pitch’ style content for new products
  • shareability and repeat views 
  • convenient guides for existing customers that save time
  • solving a common problem helps you climb the search engine rankings 

Video marketing tips for explainer content 

Keep your video content marketing formal, fast, and simple. Use the animations to walk users through steps in addition to content or voice over to resolve issues or help with new product information. 

Company culture video content 

A good business can’t just get by on testimonials and educational content. People want to know what the personality of your brand is. And believe it or not, sometimes these videos can be the final deciding factor in someone giving you their business. 

These videos combine your values and mission statement with the people behind the brand. It could be a quick tour of your office, or a friendly ‘meet the team’ clip and anything in between. All that matters is that you’re showing some basic humanity. 


  • establishes a feeling of community within your brand
  • creates a more immersive relationship between brand and consumer
  • adds extra dimensions to your brand values through your employees
  • shareability and repeat views potential 

Video marketing tips for company culture content 

Don’t be afraid to inject a little humour into your posts. Nobody needs you to be perfect all the time. Join in with social media challenges for brand awareness, or record a few silly backstage clips before a product launch. 

Video marketing and the new breed of consumer 

Want to feel old? Here’s something you need to consider in your marketing plan: there are people in the world who have never experienced life without YouTube. Plus, there’s a direct correlation between this and the rise in popularity of video marketing content.

The days of wariness around online shopping are long gone. A new breed of consumers have arrived, and they’re flocking to social media video marketing channels to find their future favourite business. 

Social media video marketing 

Over the last few years, social media channels have embraced video marketing on their platforms. Businesses have been able to benefit from this by creating strong, shareable content to generate buzz and greater brand awareness. 

In fact, 93% of businesses now consider video an important part of their marketing strategy. Not only that, 87% of them have reported a much better ROI due to their video marketing. 

So, how can your brand get in the mix? And where should you be looking to post your video content? 

YouTube boasts the best ROI for social media video marketing, with Instagram and Facebook just behind. While finding the best marketing channel for your brand ultimately depends on your industry, here are the six main places that video content-hungry consumers flock to. 


The Godfather of social media marketing, YouTube is the essential place for your video content. It doesn’t matter how flooded the market is, with some well-optimised content and a little imagination, you’ll be clicking up views in no time. 


It’s been said that the popularity of Facebook is waning. But when you consider their global video advertising revenue reached almost $10 billion this year, it’s safe to say those rumours are rather exaggerated.  


With the introduction of Instagram reels, and Instagram stories already a staple of consumer habits, it’s no surprise that businesses are trying to grab the attention of its 500 million daily users

A whopping 90% of Instagram accounts will follow businesses on there. When you take into consideration the app’s encouragement for social media video marketing content, this is an incredible opportunity. 


The unsung hero of social media video marketing. Twitter isn’t the first platform that comes to mind when promoting videos, but the statistics tell us it’s certainly effective. 

With two billion video views recorded daily on Twitter, and with video tweets gaining ten times the engagement of non-video related posts, it’s a platform that can’t be overlooked. 


While many of us were scoffing over the rise of TikTok dance crazes, the platform was busy growing exponentially faster than anyone imagined. 

Today, TikTok is a goliath. Do you think joining in with social media trends can harm your business? Tell that to the Ocean Spray brand, which gained an incredible 15 billion impressions from one simple trend that included their product. 


In terms of credibility and professionalism, LinkedIn has carved out an extremely important niche in the marketing landscape. 

The algorithm tends to favour video content, but be sure to remember the platform you’re posting on and keep your content as slick and professional as possible. 

Influencer video marketing 

Benefits both businesses and customers alike. You’re using trusted online personalities to endorse your products and services. By doing so, these popular video content creators become the amplifier for you to reach the ears of eager buyers.

When it comes to influencer video content, don’t be charmed by an influencer’s follower count. You’ll find many online personalities with hundreds of thousands of followers with no engagement whatsoever. 

Avoid these people. 

Instead, focus on industry-specific influencers with a healthy number of followers with a lot of interaction in terms of likes, shares and comments. Good engagement means that people are actively interested in what the influencer is promoting. 

Making a marketing video for your business 

By now, you’re either Googling video production companies near you or exploring some of the video features on your phone. With the advancements in mobile device technology over the years, there isn’t a right or wrong decision here. After all, there’s a wide range of tools and services available for making good video content marketing. 

However, if you’re considering the DIY approach to making a marketing video, chances are you’ll be filming on a mobile device or standard digital camera. If that’s the case, then here are some video marketing tips to ensure you’re creating magic from that very first take!

Natural light is your friend 

You don’t need studio lights and a make-up team when making a marketing video. While aesthetics are important, let’s not lose sight of what we’re trying to accomplish here. We are engaging with clients, not chasing an Oscar for best cinematography. Keep it simple and film in natural light.

If you’re shooting indoors, find an area of the office that’s full of natural light, and get those overhead lights switched off before you start.

Location, location, location 

Put some thought and care into where you situate yourself to film. If it’s in your office or at home, make sure there’s nothing unnecessary in the background that serves no purpose. 

If you’re outside, think of the buildings or area behind you, and consider what it says about your business.

Consider background sounds

Videos created outdoors will inevitably pick up a lot of noise. Try to plan ahead to avoid this. Check the location to make sure there are no buildings or road works being done. Be sure to wait until rush hour traffic has died down to diminish potential audio problems. 

But also, don’t expect your mobile device to work miracles here. A simple microphone plugged into the headphones outlet will help minimise background noise and keep the audio nice and crisp. 

Use a tripod

Handhelds aren’t going to work here. Even if your video content is just you sitting down discussing a few industry tips and insights, some form of a tripod is essential. 

Don’t forget that the content you post on your branded channels will (hopefully) be there forever. Establish that air of professionalism from your very first upload. 

Before you begin recording 

If you’ve done all of the above, then it’s time for your close-up! Why not try a test recording for fun. It’ll loosen you up and make the following takes feel more natural. 

Done? Good! You’re ready to make your mark in the world of video content. 

Final thoughts 

Global brands and big-hitters are already adapting their platforms to welcome even more video content. Due to the rise of AI technology, a more personalised marketing approach has arrived, and you’d better believe it’s here to stay. 

Video marketing benefits Google, businesses, and customers alike. With that combination, it’s safe to say that it’s only going to gain more traction over the coming years.

Embracing video content marketing is essential to remain relevant. Think of how dated all of the businesses who refused to embrace social media and SEO all those years ago felt to consumers. Now consider the work it took them to claw back up from that when they realised it was an inevitable part of modern marketing.

Do you want to be left behind during this exciting time for businesses? 

It’s been predicted that over the next few years, social media will become dominated by short and sweet video content. So stake your claim now and get ahead of the competition. 

If you’re not ready to move with the times soon, you may find that the only video your brand features in is a ‘where are they now’ compilation.