4 productivity tips every copywriter needs

12 May 2022
Henna Amin

If you’re a copywriter, you’ll be familiar with the age-old productivity dilemma. Striking the balance between a good workflow and complete overload is extremely difficult – especially when you’ve got what feels like a never-ending to-do list to complete. And it’s here that procrastination and demotivation can cloud our minds. 

As much as we hate to admit it, traditional work culture encourages habits that aren’t the healthiest for our productivity rates. So when you’re stuck in a rut or want to give your work routine a refresh, it’s good to have some tips and tricks in your mental toolkit. We’ve got four productivity tips for copywriters, right here right now. 

1. Take breaks

Copywriters need to be creative – that’s a given. And nothing stifles creativity like over stimulating your brain. That’s why taking breaks is so important. Breaks give your brain a well-deserved rest and your ideas a chance to take shape.

So, make yourself take a break every now and then, even if it feels a bit unnatural or ‘unproductive’ – you’ll thank yourself later when the ideas are flowing! 

2. Work smart

True productivity means that you’re getting the most out of the time you’re putting into your work. And this means minimising time spent procrastinating and being distracted. Try out different productive working methods to see which works for you. Here are a few you can try out:

  • The Pomodoro Method: a cycle of 25 minutes followed by a five minute break.
  • Time Blocking: allocating a set time to specific tasks.
  • The Two Minute Rule: completing short, easy tasks in the moment to help you get back into the workflow.
  • The Single Task Method: focusing deeply on one task at a time and avoiding task-hopping.

3. Write it down

The job role might say copywriter, but we all know that means much more. Copywriters often wear many hats, from graphic designer to social media manager – as well as writing brilliant content. We’ve often got a lot on our minds! A good way to organise the mess in your head is to get it written down. Whether it’s on your notes app or scribbled on a pad, make a habit of writing down your tasks, thoughts and ideas. 

Plus, in terms of creativity, this tip benefits you here too. It’s well documented that your best ideas come to you when you least expect them, so keep a pen and paper handy for when that light bulb flashes.

4. Don’t try to be perfect

A really important one for all creatives – stop trying to be perfect! Putting too much pressure on yourself to create flawless copy right off the bat will only cause the opposite to happen. So ease up and lower your expectations – the best thing to do is to just get all your thoughts and ideas out, no matter how silly they might seem, and work from there. 

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