how to pitch yourself blooming brilliantly

19 Mar 2024

You’d be forgiven for thinking writing a short and engaging pitch about yourself is the simplest of tasks – just a few words, right? And who knows you better than you? 

Although short and sweet, an elevator pitch relies on being so audience-grabbing, that it’s actually one of the trickiest things to get right. 

So, here’s our quick-fire guide for knowing how to pitch yourself like a pro – including some of our best elevator pitch tips, ideas, and examples.

how to make an elevator pitch

It’s a brief synopsis of who you are and what you do. 

Even the name ‘elevator pitch’ screams snappy selling. Whether it’s a quick pre-prepared speech for when you bump into a potential client or a clever and catchy cold email in your drafts…you essentially have 30 seconds to catch their attention.

Here’s how you do it.  

1. hook in your audience

Start off strong. It could be a newsworthy industry fact, an intriguing question, or a bold statement that stops them in their tracks. 

Some pitch hook examples…

“I read that renewable energy will surpass coal as the world’s largest electricity source by 2025. The sustainable work we do here at [X] is all about…”

“In a world overloaded with information, our content strategies revolve around simplicity…”

“Are you setting a mediocre standard for customer service? We can revolutionise your customer engagement with…”

Just make sure it’s natural – authenticity sells itself. Speak from the heart and avoid cliched dialogue by sparking a conversation that you genuinely want to have. 

2. introduce yourself 

This next part of how to pitch yourself is essentially to answer that (often dreaded) question: “So tell me about yourself”. This doesn’t need to feel so daunting. 

Instead, think of it as your moment to summarise what you’re all about in a sentence or two – just be sure to cover your purpose, your biggest strengths, and why you love the work you do. 

Let’s say you’re an interior design studio that specialises in creating eco-friendly spaces. Your introduction could be a chance to showcase your passion for inspiring others with the latest range of eco-material products.

The secret here lies in setting up a narrative and capturing your true brand essence. 

3. offer a value opposition

Next, turn the pitch into a moment of opportunity with your USP. What can pedestal your business above others offering their own pitch?

If you’re unsure how to showcase your USP without coming across as too much of a braggy salesperson, one of the best ways to phrase it is through a testimonial. In what unique way have you helped a past customer or client? 

For example, you might be a personal trainer who’s often told they “have an empathetic coaching style that entices clients to open up and surpass fitness goals”. 

It’s this kind of competitive edge that’ll set you apart.

4. end with a call to action

Wrap it all up with a clear thing for your audience to do. It could be setting up a meeting or inviting them to check out your website. Make it easy for them to take the next step – whether it’s handing out a business card or directing them to a link. 

Be confident and pave the way for a future together. 

our best elevator pitch tip: focus on a pitch type

It’s all about coming across like the real deal – so no repetitive spiel. To help you focus your wording, how about zeroing in on one of these pitch types?

the story-teller

We’re big on storytelling here at writefully, so we’d love to hear a pitch crafted around your journey, your accomplishments, and what drives you. Honest and personal storytelling can help resonate with whoever’s listening. 

the problem-solver

Identify a common pain point for your audience and present yourself as the antidote – everyone loves a solution-finder. 

the knowledge-head

Offer your expertise wherever possible. Show that you’ve got a head of ideas and shareable insights that are genuinely useful. We can help you become this kind of thought leader in 90 days. Here’s how

the networker

If you’ve got a gift in forging meaningful connections or partnerships, highlight it! Being a networker means you’re also a door opener and bridge-builder who’s willing to create new and exciting opportunities for others. 

how to pitch yourself

Depending on the nature of your business and its industry, we’re firm believers that there’s power in keeping things simple – so try to focus on one of these four pitch types. But bear in mind you also need to tailor your elevator pitch to the audience, and the situation you’re in. 

Go grab a pen now and get some elevator pitches ideas going. With a blooming brilliant elevator pitch up your sleeve, you’re unstoppable.