6 tips for smashing through writer’s block

24 Mar 2022

Creativity and inspiration cannot be plucked from thin air. As a writer, you have to find the creative spark inside yourself when you sit down at your desk to start typing. 

But what if the spark just simply won’t ignite? What if the dreaded writer’s block is stopping you from knowing exactly what you want to say? 

Well, first things first…take the pressure off yourself. You WILL find the right words eventually, but Rome wasn’t built in a day. Your lack of ideas is simply a temporary blip. You CAN smash through writer’s block if you know how to deal with the stress and pressure in all the right ways. 

What Causes Writer’s Block?

Every writer has struggled with writer’s block at one point or another, but the cause of this stress may vary from one individual to another. The most common causes are:

  • Unrealistic and intimidating deadlines.
  • Being too much of a perfectionist.
  • Having too many ideas at once.
  • Unfair self-criticisms.
  • An unhealthy body or mind.

If you’re guilty of these stressors and bad habits, we here at writefully have 6 writing tips you can use to help overcome the obstructions standing in your way.

1. Skip the Intro For Now

The opening paragraph is usually the hardest part of any piece of writing. So remember that you don’t need to master your intro with the first shot. Skip it if you’ve been staring at a blinking type cursor for far too long. Sometimes it’s best to jump to the main bulk ahead anyway. That way you can head back with a fresher, more informed mind later on. 

2. Visual Your Ideas

Having too many ideas bouncing around in your mind can be confusing. So if you’re a visual learner, consider turning your thoughts into imagery to make things a little clearer. You can create mind maps, mood boards, diagrams, or even simply a wall full of coloured post it notes.

3. Talk About Your Ideas

Writer’s block is the product of an overthinking mind. Speaking out loud to someone about your thoughts and getting their point of view might spark more imagination that your ideas need. A writer’s job can be pretty lonely sometimes, so don’t suffer in silence. 

4. Eliminate Your Distractions

Your time writing should be ultra focussed. Get rid of any distractions that take your undivided attention away from your work, like a TV, a ringing phone, or a dinging app. Set yourself daily goals and stick to the schedule without any unnecessary interruptions.

5. Just Keep Writing

Remember that a first draft doesn’t have to be perfect. So just keep writing when you’re completely stuck on what to say next. Embrace your mistakes for now and save the editing for later. 

6. Take a Break

Looking after your body and mind is integral to being a successful writer. If you find your mental health deteriorating because of your writer’s block, it’s simply best to walk away and take a break. Venturing outside in the fresh air to exercise is the best way to release your anxieties and return to your work with a different state of mind.

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