To hire or not to hire: What does a copywriter do and do you need one?

23 Dec 2021

You’ve made it here to the writefully website, so you’re clearly interested in copywriting in some way or another. 

But do you know why top-quality copywriting is so important? Have you asked yourself whether you need a copywriter for your own business? 

Let’s explore everything you need to know about what a copywriter is and whether you should hire one to help you out. 

What Is a Copywriter? 

It’s best to discuss the very basics before we take a look at what a copywriter can do for your business. So first things first, let’s define exactly what a copywriter is. What does a copywriter do? 

Well, a copywriter’s job is to write any form of text that’s used to inform consumers about products and services. It’s all about creating helpful and educational written content with a goal of pushing the readers into a form of action, eg. buying the product or visiting the company website. 

What is Copy?

The written text that a copywriter writes is called ‘copy’, hence why a copywriter is called a copy…writer, get it? Copy is essentially the salesy written form of advertising that aims to sell or persuade consumers to purchase things. 

As a result, the nature of copy language is very engaging, encouraging, and persuasive. The purpose of any copy is to appeal to consumers by informing them all about specific services or products. 

What Does a Copywriter Writer Do?

So what does a copywriter write? What kind of copy does a business need to create so their audiences can read about their products and services? The answer is lots! A copywriter’s job includes writing super engaging copy for a broad range of marketing resources and materials, including the text written for:

Web Pages

A company website includes copy for landing pages, service pages, product descriptions, and other general information about what’s on offer.


Blog copy includes all the posts specifically about the products and services. For example, a blog post titled “Our Top 10 Bestsellers”. 

Social Media 

Social media posts require copy when the post aims to advertise a product or service and educate followers.


Never underestimate the power of email copy. The marketing emails sent to company contact lists include copy that tells recipients about specific products, offers, or even upcoming events. 


Content resources with high word counts like newsletters and eBooks need specialist expertise from copywriters. They’re extensive and well-researched pieces that require considerable time, effort, and knowledge. 

Just as an FYI, copywriting is different to content writing. A lot of us get the two mixed up often, and it’s easy to see why. So here’s four key differences that summarise how and why they’re not the same:

  1. Copywriting aims to inform and persuade readers, but content writing is non-salesy and aims to educate or entertain.
  2. Copywriting can come in the form of advertisements, emails, or website pages, but content writing is usually in blogs, e-books, etc.
  3. Copywriting wants readers to take action, but content writing wants readers to take value and learn from what you’re saying.
  4. Copywriting sells the brand and the company, but content writing sells the lifestyle that comes with it.


What Can a Copywriter Do For Your Business?

No matter your industry sector, high-quality copywriting can transform the way consumers learn about your products and services. The more your customers know about your company and what you can offer them, the greater the trust they put in you. 

The ultimate aim of copywriting is to increase sales and boost your revenue, so if you’re looking for compelling written copy that actually sees results, a talented and experienced copywriter will do just that. 

Who Needs a Copywriter? 

So what’s the difference between a copywriter who knows what they’re doing and an amateur writer who doesn’t, per se? What benefits can an expert copywriter bring to your business? Who actually needs a copywriter?

Well, the truth is, a well-qualified copywriter has the expertise that a lot of basic writers do not. For example, if you need a 6,000 eBook on ‘the ever-changing landscape of digital marketing’ written, chances are you’ll need the help of a skilled copywriter who has the experience for making difficult tasks look easy.

Good copy doesn’t write itself. It takes a lot of time and effort to perfect a difficult copywriting task like an eBook.

So if you’re struggling with the copywriting process yourself, hiring a copywriting expert is for you.

Here’s 4 checklist questions you should ask yourself to know for certain that you need one.

  1. Do you have the time and resources to write the copy you dream of writing? 
  2. Do you want to improve on the existing content you’ve already written but are unsure how to?
  3. Do you want to enhance the professional image of your brand with high-quality and results-driven content?
  4. Do you want your content to reach more of my customers but do not have the knowledge and resources to do so?

4 Reasons You Should Hire a Copywriter

Knowing whether you should hire a copywriting professional can be confusing, but rest assured there’s important reasons you bite the bullet and make the call. Here’s the 4 biggest ways a copywriter will bring value and merit to your company. 

1. They’re mastermind brainstormers

Standing out and remaining unique takes strong creativity. Copywriters know what it takes to maximise the juice that’s squeezed out of your creative juices. They’re mastermind brainstormers who draw inspiration from people and the world around them. So if you’re a business-centric corporate brand, copywriters can help advance the vital creative lightbulb moments that every forward-thinking company needs.

2. They’re brand experts

Copywriters know how to capture the heart and soul of your brand. They’re experts in understanding an individualised brand personality and turning your uniqueness into words. Whether you’re a smart brand, a quirky one, or cutesy, edgy or artistic, specialist copywriters can help you build the foundations of your company story and make bold branding decisions. 

3. They’re talented wordsmiths

The very best copywriters have a top-level vocabulary. They’re articulate, well-read, and know how to write for any brand in a way that’s always consistent and authentic. They have a high verbal standard and are proficient editors too. No writing task is too big or too small for a copywriter.

4. They’re content creators

Content writing and copywriting often comes hand in hand. If you’ve hired a talented copywriter, chances are they’re perfectly qualified as a content writer too. 

Agency Vs. Freelancing

Any type of business, brand, or organisation will need some form of copy written up for their resources and materials, whether it’s content for their website pages or for a monthly newsletter handed out to clients. And more and more marketers are turning to outsourcing their copywriting needs. In fact, 64% of B2B marketers now choose to outsource the copy for their blogs.

So what do you do if you don’t have an in-house copywriter? Where should you turn to for hiring the very best copywriters?

Well, writefully knows firsthand why turning to a copywriting agency is a much better option than using a freelance writer. Let’s look at the pros and cons of both. As you’ll see, there’s a lot more positives to choosing an agency writer.

Pros of Choosing a Freelance Writer

They’re individual specialists

The quality of your outsourced copy depends on the talents of your freelance writer. Most freelancers are specialists in their own individual expertise, so if you’re in need of deep industry-specific knowledge, a freelance writer should provide you with enough capability. 

Cons of Choosing a Freelance Writer

An in-house editor is usually needed

No matter whether you choose freelance or agency, in-house quality control is a must. However, freelancers are just one individual, so you’ll more likely have to use an editor to ensure their work is in line with your brand guidelines and content brief.

They have limited availability 

You cannot account for a freelancer’s unexpected unavailability. They may be ill or forced to take unexpected holiday, so you’ll have to find a backup to take over and complete the work instead.

Likewise, a one man band has a limited workload. A freelancer’s schedule will likely include other client deadlines too. 

There’s limited room for content growth

Even if a freelancer can fulfil your current needs, there is still limited room for growth if you plan to upscale your projects. Unfortunately, there’s only so much work a freelancer can take on with you. 

Pros of Choosing an Agency Writer

They have a full team of specialists 

An agency is essentially an entire team of freelance specialists. They offer a variety of content experts, each with its own individual niches and skills.

You can preset deadlines and schedules

Along with a talented team of writers, working with an agency will usually include communication with their content strategist. Not only will they produce high-quality written work, but they’ll also be happy to take the wheel by managing and organising the overall production of your content strategy. You can present any budgets and deadlines, and ensure the upcoming schedule is to your exact needs.

Content strategists can manage your growth

Unlike freelancers, content agencies have the capacity to manage your growth. They have the technical skills to assess the ongoing success of your content and whether changes need to be made (Is the content driving sales and increasing your site traffic?). They’re expert planners and have the time to master important factors like your brand style and tone of voice. 

What Makes a First-Rate Copywriter?

Now that we’ve established that agency copywriters are probably the best bet for reliable and quality-driven copy, let’s look at what makes a first-rate copywriter that you can depend on. What are the top skills you should be adding to your copywriter job description?

5 Skills To Put on The Job Description

Great communicator and listener

Seeing as a copywriter will be completing YOUR work for YOU, they need to have great communication skills, including being a fantastic listener who pays attention to minor details. They should leave no stone left unturned when understanding the brief and its requirements. It’s their job to provide you with exactly what you want, and you cannot do so by skirting around the specifics. 

Immaculate written skills

It goes without saying that copywriters should be wizards with a keyboard. A great copywriter is a talented wordsmith who knows how to turn your wishes into words using their own skills in language and vocabulary. 

Eagerness to learn

A copywriter’s curious mind means they’ll approach any topic from a different angle than what’s expected. Areas of unfamiliarity should be tackled with an open mind and an eagerness to learn more. A copywriter should never stop developing their back catalogue of knowledge.

Fastidious research skills

A copywriter’s language skills should be equal to their ability to research too. You cannot write killer copy without conducting fastidious research beforehand. Complex research goes way beyond a quick Google search too, a copywriter should be well-equipped and know where to go for the best answers and know what tools to use to find valuable and relevant resource materials.

A technical mind 

Any copywriter should always be looking to expand their skill set, especially seeing as the digital market scape is constantly evolving and advancing. Being clued-up on modern computer tools and word processing systems means they’ll know how to always be one step ahead.

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