5 blog hacks for writing a killer title

23 May 2022

5 blog hacks for writing a killer title

What’s the starting point of writing any great blog? Nailing the title, of course! 

It’s all well and good writing a blog that your audience will love to read, but you’ve got to catch their attention first, in order for them to click and want to take a look. And that’s where writing a killer blog title comes into play.

So what makes an effective blog title? How do you write a super-catchy and super-clickable headline that makes your audience want to know more? Well, writefully is here to give you five blog hacks that will ensure your readers take the time to click and scroll through, every single time. 

1. Make it punchy

Spark their interest and excite them into finding out what you have to say. The key lies in the language you use:

Use alliteration 

Strong, snappy, or sexy adjectives and verbs is the type of bold language choice you want to be making. 

Create imagery 

A title that evokes imagery will stick in your audience’s mind. Use colourful and descriptive language that resonates with who you’re targeting. 

Spark curiosity 

We humans have many curious questions that need to be answered, so intrigue your readers with the who, why, where, what, when and hows. 

2. Be clear and concise 

Define what the blog is about in one simple summarising sentence. Your audience won’t click if they have no clue what the blog is about. 

Assess the length of your title too. Make it a digestible phrase or sentence that’s short, sweet, and something that you can read quickly.

3. Use numbers (if relevant)

Never underestimate the power of a listicle! If your blog does come in list form, make sure you include a specific number in your title. Us readers absolutely love a good digit. It’s a psychological affinity that we just can’t get enough of. 

Why? A number in the title scales up the quantity of the blog and informs readers of how long it’ll roughly take them to read it. 

4. Avoid clickbaiting 

It’s vital you keep the promise of your title. Don’t lead readers down an untrustworthy path that doesn’t meet their expectations. No one likes a clickbaiting blog! 

It might be worth coming up with your title after your main bulk of content is written. It’s worthless squeezing content out of a title that wasn’t right in the first place. It’s all about making sure your blog is valuable and worth your readers’ time. 

5. Break conventions

Don’t be afraid to go against the grain and cause a stir. Be upfront with honest titles and tell the truth – no matter how controversial it may be. 

Use your voice with confidence – being as creative as you like to make sure your title is unique and eye-catching. But walk sensibly along the thin line between an odd title and an understandable title.