5 reasons to start a podcast for your brand

7 Apr 2022
Henna Amin

Podcasting isn’t just for individual creators who want to share their thoughts and knowledge with the world. It’s also an amazing opportunity for brands to showcase their expertise and really engage their customers. It’s a powerful marketing tool that any business can introduce into their marketing strategy. Not convinced? Here are five reasons to start a podcast for your brand. 

Drive traffic to your website and increase sales

The number one priority for any business is to increase sales – and a podcast can do just that. It serves as another marketing channel for you to reach new customers and direct them to your brand. 

The unique insights and experiences you can share in a podcast add value to the customer experience and give them another reason to buy from you. Plus, podcasting is intimate at heart, making your customers feel like they’re in the same room as you. 

Establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry

Authority is one of the key indicators of a strong brand. If people are going to choose your business, they have to trust you. So sharing your expertise in a podcast proves to your listeners that you know your stuff – they can hear it straight from you. And once any new listeners hear that, they’ll trust your brand enough to buy from you. 

Letting the world know that you’re an expert in your field is crucial for giving your brand a competitive edge, and a podcast provides the perfect opportunity to get that message across. 

Expand your business network

Podcasts are always great with guests – their unique perspective and experiences will ensure that you have stimulating, interesting conversations that your listeners will learn a lot from. Connecting with other players in your industry is a fantastic growth opportunity, particularly for newer, smaller brands. And getting guests on your show means their reputation will rub off on your brand a little.

Showcase your brand identity

A podcast is one of the best ways to show the people behind your brand – that you’re authentic with real passion in your subject area. Your personality will always come across via audio (and video, if you choose it) and allow your listeners to connect with you and your brand on a personal level.

Repurpose existing content

When it comes to thinking about topics for your podcast, you don’t even have to start from scratch! Podcasts are an opportunity to repurpose existing written content and give them a refresh. Say you’ve got a blog you’re really proud of  – you can easily turn it into a podcast episode.

Podcasts are a fantastic opportunity for brands in today’s digital world, so if you’re thinking about starting one or are looking for a new way to reach and engage your audience, take this as your sign.

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