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health and beauty

In the health and beauty industry, word of mouth, both on and offline, is precious. Plus, recommendations amongst online communities, whether it’s TikTok or Reddit, can wield some pretty hefty buying power.

Great products have the potential to really make a difference in your customers’ lives. Whether it’s a cream that clears up their blemishes or supplements that restore their hair growth, we don’t have to explain how important your brand is to customers.

So, how do you focus on creating the best health and beauty products and connecting with the people who want them?

That’s where writefully comes in.

Whether you’re a beauty expert selling your own line of makeup to a start-up selling holistic wellness products, we’ll create bespoke content that’s in line with your unique brand voice. Reaching your audience through content is essential for your company’s success because it establishes a relationship with them and gets your brand’s message out there.

The best health and beauty content strikes the right balance between showcasing your products and creating a sense of community amongst your audience. And when your customers feel valued and cared about, they won’t just buy, but return too.

here’s just a few of the areas of health and beauty that we can create content for:

  • makeup
  • skincare
  • personal care
  • wellness
  • hair care
  • medicine

why your health and beauty brand needs personalised content creation

You know how important it is that your audience feels connected to you – it’s just the way the industry is. So why not cultivate that connection through thoughtful content that shows your audience who you really are?

And it’s not as simple as just having a brand personality…it’s consistently proving it across channels, showing what and who you stand for.

We’re experts at nailing the tone of voice and brand personality across multiple channels and mediums – whether it’s with a beauty blog showing off how much of a beauty expert you are to shareable social media designs and captions.

We’ll produce content that stays true to your brand.

how writefully can help your health and beauty brand’s content strategy

Running a successful health and beauty brand is a balancing act, and we’re here to help steady you by taking care of all things content.

We’ll keep ahead of the latest trends and pen personal copy that lets your voice shine through.

Whether you need engaging posts for your beauty blog or an email newsletter letting your customers know about the latest deals, we can support your health and beauty marketing plan.

We’ll match you to a writer who’s well versed in your industry and has a passion for your products.

Our thoughtfully written content will delight your customers, as well as Google, and get your website to the people searching for it.

here are some areas where we can give your content a boost:

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  • The writefully team gives me complete peace of mind that my blogs and socials are taken care of, so that I can concentrate on other areas of my business. They always deliver innovative and well-crafted copy and designs and it’s a pleasure to work with them.

    Neil Sheth
    Your Brand Found
  • Working with this team was an amazing experience. They managed to deliver and surpass our expectations. Thank you for all the support and great results! The next project is coming soon.

    Synchro Capital
  • [re Customer success stories] Very nice presentation of their feedback. Thank you.

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  • This is great! Thank you very much for the blog – the tone of voice is perfect!

    Cinzia Marshe
    Church house conference centre
  • The content was great! I only made one change but the rest was exactly what I was after!

    Brooke Cowling
  • Just wanted to say thanks for a great tone of voice workshop, great to be working with you

    Jesse Boyce
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