the 4 best google chrome extensions for copywriters

26 May 2023
Henna Amin

Those of us who work in the copywriting space will know how lifesaving online tools are for helping us with our writing. Whether you’re a content creator, editor copywriter, or content writer, you probably have a few tools you swear by to help you when you’re creating content. 

Google Chrome extensions are a favourite with the team at Writefully because of how easy and seamlessly they can be used while we’re working. Rather than having to constantly switch tabs, windows or even apps, Chrome extensions are just a click away, so you can get the best out of content tools without disrupting your workflow. Here are 4 of our favourite Google Chrome extensions for copywriters.

1. SEO Minion

Whether you’re doing copy optimisation or researching your competitors’ content, this add-on is essential for getting a quick SEO analysis for any webpage. All you need to do is click on the SEO Minion extension and you’ll have access to a range of SEO tools. 

SEO minion

We like to use the ‘Analyze On-Page SEO’ Tool for a super quick and easy rundown of a webpage’s SEO. It’ll tell you the following information:

  • word count of the page
  • the meta title and description of the page
  • what the H1, H2 and other headings are 


This is essential information to know when carrying out pretty much any SEO-related content task, so it helps to have it all in one convenient place, as you can see above. 

2. power thesaurus 

Thesauruses really are a copywriter’s best friend. When you’re deep in a blog, you might not realise that you’ve used the word ‘amazing’ 5 times already! But a quick search on a thesaurus will do the heavy lifting for you. The thesaurus of choice for us has to be Power Thesaurus. 

Their Chrome extension is super quick, and you can even highlight the word you want to find alternatives for and click the extension and it’ll load the word straight in! 

3. word counter

This extension is a highly underrated one. You might not think you need a word counter tool, but it comes in really handy when you’re doing research for a content piece. The length of your content is a ranking factor on Google, so if you’re going after a high volume keyword, then you need to know how long the posts on the top few spots on Google are. 

A word counter add-on makes it so easy to see how many words are on a page. All you need to do is highlight the content and right-click, then select ‘Count these words’. 


4. grammarly

We couldn’t do a blog on the best writing tools and not include Grammarly! Perfect for catching misspelt words or weirdly phrased sentences, we swear by using Grammarly when we write. Especially for those who work on Google Docs, it’s really handy having this extension installed to cut down on editing time and help you get your draft right the first time.

Hopefully, these Chrome extensions will help you out in your next content task – we know they help us out a lot! For more content tips and knowledge, keep up to date with us at Writefully on Instagram, Twitter or Youtube!